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Home Remedies for Cleaning Marble

Marble is a natural stone which is widely used in designing some parts of house such as countertops, tables, sinks and floors. This kind of stone is not just beautiful and pleasing, but with some proper care and maintenance it can last for many generations. Marble is a special stone that sometimes need special cleaning techniques too, especially if there are serious damages on it. Not all the time, you will need to use a special cleaning solution to treat marbles at home. Hiring the professionals become important when you think that do-it-yourself marble cleaning kit seems not enough anymore. On the other hand, still it is very important for the house owners like you to have complete materials and cleaning solutions inside your cleaning cabinet.

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The Do’s

Fill up an empty bucket with water and an ample amount of soap. Just choose a mild and gentle liquid soap for cleaning your marble. To start cleaning, use a sponge or perhaps a soft mop. Dip it to the soap water solution and wring it out gradually. Start cleaning the marble by wiping the stains. For tough stains like food stains, tomato and oil stains, you can add small amount of hydrogen peroxide to your sponge. Afterwards, wipe the marble surface and make use of a soft cloth like a terrycloth towel to dry. This technique is better than air-drying.

Baking soda is also a good alternative, actually several house owners are using this natural ingredient when cleaning marbles at home. According to the professionals, baking soda is safe on marble. To prepare, simply mix at least three tablespoons of baking soda and mixed it to a quart of warm water. With the use of a rag or sponge, wipe the stains on the marble using baking soda solution. Rinse with clean water and dry with a cloth. Buff the marble floor.

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The Don’ts

Vinegar is actually one of the most popular home cleaning solutions, actually many house owners are using this ingredient for cleaning purposes. Acid is a strong chemical which is too harmful for the marble. Using such acidic cleaning solution, the type of chemical will slowly eat the minerals and other component of the marbles.

Last but not the least, be very careful with what you are going to use on your marble tops and on floors. In case, you are not so sure on how to treat dull marbles in your home, it is best to contact the professionals and let them give you the services you need.

Cleaning and Care Marble Miami

Cleaning and Care Tips for Marbles

Marble is a natural stone and it has a very beautiful look. It comes in different colors, sizes and even shapes. Although, this kind of stone is durable, it still has to be maintained by means of proper procedure. You need to clean, polish or sometimes restore them to continue to look beautiful in years to come. These beautiful stones are porous meaning they are too sensitive. In this case, marble is prone to staining as well as scratching. That is why these stone should be clean properly.

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If you have marbles at home, it is advisable to use coasters under the glasses, hot pans and etc. do not place these materials directly on the marble surface. It is true that any material or item can scratch the marble surface. In addition to that, protect your marbles from liquid spills. There are some foods and beverages that can damaged the marble surface especially that contain acid. As much as possible, do not expose your marbles with vinegar, juices, coffee, teas or soda.

Dirty marbles should be clean right away. However, wrong cleaning procedures could pose to damages. Cleaning job itself can be a hazard to marbles because of the materials you are going to use. Example, the vacuum. When you use a wrong or rough pad, it can only damage the marbles severely. You can dust mop the marble but make sure to use a clean and a very soft dust mop.

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Basically, you can use a good cleaner product in polishing dull marbles but if in case it is ot available, there are three standard cleaners according to the professionals. These are the natural soap for the stone, small amount of mild liquid dishwashing soap and a neutral cleaner. Marble cleaners should be at least pH level of 7.

Since marbles can be damaged to acid, do not use vinegar as your cleaning agent to marble. Use a soft cloth or a sponge and not a scouring pad. Experts say that it is a good idea to test the cleaner first before you apply it directly to the marble. To test, simply put a small amount of the cleaner on a scrap marble. In rinsing cleaner solution, use lukewarm water and rinse it thoroughly. Get rid of the residue when you have finish marble polishing job. Ammonia mixed with some parts of water can be a solution however too much ammonia can dull the surface of the natural stone.


Marble Floor Care Miami

Floors that are made with marble is such a treasure by many house owner. They are very precious and elegant for the eyes of every human. However, cleaning them is another job for you. Polishing your marble flooring needs to be done properly. In fact, there are different products of marble cleaning solution that can be purchased on the market. You can actually use them but make sure that they have the right pH level for the marble. Do-it-yourself marble cleaning is always possible nowadays.

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The ravishing appearance of the marble floors in your home can actually be a challenge for you. Whether it is marble floors in the kitchen, dining and living area, one cannot maintain the class of the marble if he or she doesn’t understand the properties of the superb stone. Though the characteristics may be durable, the outer area of the marble can be soft and porous. Marble is an alkaline-based stone and it is actually made up of calcite and calcium. In case you prefer to polish the marble floors with the use of some cleaner product, be sure to read and understand first its ingredients and the labels. Plus, also ensure that the chemical content of the product is safe for the marbles in your home.

Simple Ways to Keep your Marble Floor Tile Sparkling

1.  Simply wipe the marble floor with clean cloth. Sweep the dust on the floor every day. Believe it or not, small dirt or girt on the marble floors could possibly scratch its outer surface.

2.  Clean the marble floor. You can prepare a dish washing soap diluted in a warm water. Use a sponge for the Marble Cleaning Miami surface areas. Another option is to buy a marble polisher solution. Also, do not forget to check the pH level of the product. In case, an acid-base liquid scattered on the marble floor, make sure to clean it immediately. An example of an acid-based liquid is vinegar, lemon and orange extract which are bad for the marble.

3.  Rinse the marble floors with clean water. Use another clean, soft cloth or rug to dry the marble floors.

4.  You can apply marble floor polish solution for final. A wax which is highly developed for the maintenance or glossy shine of the marble is good to use. Just apply an ample amount. Too much spreading of wax is also not good for the marble floors. It is also good for your marble floors to be cleaned weekly to protect the marble for any small scratches.