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How to Recoat Dull Marble to Make it Shine in Miami

It is a fact that such stones of marble can be easily scratched over time and becomes dull. Using string marble polishing solutions or paste can certainly damage the surfaces of your marble floorings. The results can actually be rejuvenated, the marble can win back its natural shine and glossy. You need double care and attention when it comes to cultured marble as compared to the solid marble. The cultured marble holds layer that protects the marble from any damages, stains or scratches. Moreover, it is not too expensive. It is also more durable. On the other hand, solid marble is highly expensive compared to that cultured marble. Solid marble is basically porous thus it needs higher level of care and attention.

Instructions in Recoating Cultured Marble

  1. Put some water to the sand along with a 1000 grit sandpaper. By doing so, it could well remove visible scratches as well as stains on the marble top. In order to damp the sand, be certain that the sandpaper sheet is waterproof. Place the sandpaper into the water. In circular motion, gently sand the top of the marble. Use enough pressure when trying eradicate some scratches and stains.
  2. Rinse with clean water and then afterwards, dry the entire marble top.marble-cleaning-miami02 (25) marble-cleaning-miami02 (26)
  3. With the use of any marble polishing solution, simply buff the marble. It is advisable to use a buffing wheel. Light-pressure in rubbing or cleaning Dull Spots on Marble Miami is needed. Allowing to polish the marble would certainly create stunning shine of the marble top.
  4. Lightly sand the top of the marble using some diamond abrasive pad. Sand by a circular motion. Since, marble is natural and the shine of it is also natural, grinding is the only best technique in order to achieve the most shine effect of the stone.
  5. Buff the marble. This is actually a good way to bring back the shine of the marble. Certainly, a good maintenance technique.marble-cleaning-miami02 (1)marble-cleaning-miami02 (4)
  6. Now it is time to reseal the marble. This time, make use of the oxalic acid. Such product needs to be dissolved in an ample amount of warm water.
  7. Rinse and clean the marble top with water. Lastly. Let it dry completely.
  8. Finishing wax is needed to be applied. This is to ensure the flawless effect of the marble top. Actually, hundreds of products can help you, you can buy the best product for your marble type.