Marble Floor Restoration Miami

Restoring Marble

Marble is a natural stone which is typically formed from high pressure of heat. This kind of stone were actually chosen by many house owners in designing walls, floors and countertops. It has many colors and also available in different sizes. They are amazingly perfect in designing countertops. Marbles really add beauty to countertops and on any part of home. Aside from that, house owners can choose from different colors and types. It is durable and could even resits heat hence really ideal for the countertops or in the kitchen. But having marbles at home, they need regular maintenance. Aside from regular cleaning, sometimes marbles need professional assistance especially when they are dull.

However, restoring marbles at home can be done by simply following the steps below.

1.  To remove stains from liquid spills such as coffee, tea, juices and others, treat the area with one quart of hydrogen peroxide with three to four drops of ammonia. Gently scrub the marble tiles. Use a clean soft cloth in wiping the marble surfaces.

2.  Add an ample amount of mild and gentle dish detergent into a gallon of warm water. Dampen a brush to the solution and gradually wipe the marble entire surfaces. You will notice that the oils or other spills will be removed naturally.

3.  Choose a good cleaning product for marble. Do not use any acidic product. Avoid using vinegar I cleaning marble because it is too harmful for the marble stones. Acid may only cause serious damages on the marble. You can go to a professional company and seek advices from the experts before purchasing any product. Keep in mind that not all types of marbles can be treated the same way. Determining the natural characteristics of the marble is very important prior to a successful marble floor restoration.

4.  Buffing the floor can help restore the top-shine of the marble. You can use a buffing machine or simply use baking soda or a crushed white chalk. In buffing machine, use a soft pad to avoid scratches. It is an electrical device so proper precaution is advisable. On the other hand, if you do not have a buffing machine, simply crushed a white chalk and mix it with tin oxide. In doing so, make sure that you are wearing hand gloves for your safety and protection.

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5.  Hiring the professionals is the best option especially if the marbles are having severe damages. There are problems or damages that has to be handled by the professionals and not by your hand such as cracks or missing pieces of the marbles. The experts will save your marbles from getting dull and broken.

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