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Simple Techniques of Marble Polishing Miami

Marble is basically one of the most precious natural stones obtainable today. One glance to this type of stone could certainly leave or make an impact. But, what happens when the marble stone becomes worn out, stained or damaged? It then looks so dull and lifeless. But, there is a way to save your marble from any damage such as the process of marble polishing. This is a simple technique in bringing back the shine of the marble top.

Typically, marble stone is calcium-based when it comes to its characteristics. Acid can surely damage the marble hence it needs to be treated with special care. It needs to follow the correct cleaning process. Marble Polishing Miami is a way of saving your marble stone from looking dull and lifeless. It is designed to achieve the highest level of shine and gloss.


Building contractors choose and love to use marble in designing floors, walls and other interior parts. In addition to that, it is also very common to use for countertops and tabletops. Due to time, marble can look dull and you cannot escape on this. Rubbing some natural mold polisher product can help you solve mild marble issues.

How to Polish a Lightly Dulled Surface

  1. Prepare at least 3 tablespoon of pure baking soda and the combined it to a quart part of water. Then transfer to an empty bottle spray.
  2. Gradually spray an amount of the baking-soda mixture directly to the top of your marble floors and others. Next, gently wipe using a clean chamois cloth. Let the area dry through air for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Into a medium-sized container, crush up one stick of chalk. Put the wet chamois chalk to the surface of the marble and then slowly rub it all over.
  4. Next, you need to wet some portion of the chamois cloth and wipe it on the marble top.
  5. Gently rinse off. Wipe the marble if needed. Dry the marble top to reveal the shine of the marble.

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How to Polish a Scratched Surface

  1. Prepare at least 600-grint sandpaper. Then locate the area of the marble top that needs polishing.
  2. By means of damped chamois or cloth, just wipe off the top and keep it doing until you see some shine.
  3. Lastly, place the highest sandpaper and do the procedure again, if needed.
  4. Keep on sanding until you are satisfied to the result.

It is normal to see some scratches on the marble top while doing the sanding but it will be gone if you continue the sanding process. On the other hand, hire the professionals if you cannot handle the damages of the marble stones in your home.

How to Recoat Dull Marble to Make it Shine in Miami

It is a fact that such stones of marble can be easily scratched over time and becomes dull. Using string marble polishing solutions or paste can certainly damage the surfaces of your marble floorings. The results can actually be rejuvenated, the marble can win back its natural shine and glossy. You need double care and attention when it comes to cultured marble as compared to the solid marble. The cultured marble holds layer that protects the marble from any damages, stains or scratches. Moreover, it is not too expensive. It is also more durable. On the other hand, solid marble is highly expensive compared to that cultured marble. Solid marble is basically porous thus it needs higher level of care and attention.

Instructions in Recoating Cultured Marble

  1. Put some water to the sand along with a 1000 grit sandpaper. By doing so, it could well remove visible scratches as well as stains on the marble top. In order to damp the sand, be certain that the sandpaper sheet is waterproof. Place the sandpaper into the water. In circular motion, gently sand the top of the marble. Use enough pressure when trying eradicate some scratches and stains.
  2. Rinse with clean water and then afterwards, dry the entire marble top.marble-cleaning-miami02 (25) marble-cleaning-miami02 (26)
  3. With the use of any marble polishing solution, simply buff the marble. It is advisable to use a buffing wheel. Light-pressure in rubbing or cleaning Dull Spots on Marble Miami is needed. Allowing to polish the marble would certainly create stunning shine of the marble top.
  4. Lightly sand the top of the marble using some diamond abrasive pad. Sand by a circular motion. Since, marble is natural and the shine of it is also natural, grinding is the only best technique in order to achieve the most shine effect of the stone.
  5. Buff the marble. This is actually a good way to bring back the shine of the marble. Certainly, a good maintenance technique.marble-cleaning-miami02 (1)marble-cleaning-miami02 (4)
  6. Now it is time to reseal the marble. This time, make use of the oxalic acid. Such product needs to be dissolved in an ample amount of warm water.
  7. Rinse and clean the marble top with water. Lastly. Let it dry completely.
  8. Finishing wax is needed to be applied. This is to ensure the flawless effect of the marble top. Actually, hundreds of products can help you, you can buy the best product for your marble type.

Marble Polishing Floor in Miami

A lot of house owner today chooses marble as a material for the structure of their properties. A house with marble flooring or walls is so fashionable. Marble is such a beautiful material that can be used in flooring as well as in your kitchen countertops. Marble is formed through the non-foliated metamorphic rock. Aside from that, it is also crystallized with several amount of carbonate minerals. Because of the process metamorphosis, the marble rock becomes very attractive and beautiful. On the other hand, this type of rock is porous, hence taking care of them is really a challenge. Simply cleaning them with some cleaning solution can damage the smooth and shiny surface of the marble. You have to be choosy in using any cleaning agent for your marble flooring.

marble-cleaning-miami02 (5).marble-cleaning-miami02 (4).marble-cleaning-miami02 (6) marble-cleaning-miami02 (1) marble-cleaning-miami02 marble-cleaning-miami02 (3)

Maybe you are thinking of wiping your marble flooring with something but you might scratch and damage it instead of polishing it. In this case, hiring mold polisher professionals is recommended. Finding the experts who are trained in marble polishing is the best option. Just contact your local Marble Floor Polishing Miami company and they have the capabilities to provide excellent services for restoring, polishing or cleaning your marbles. They are equipped and experienced in giving flawless results on your worn-out marbles.

In addition to that, hiring the professionals can also give services which are extremely specialized on diamond, cleaning, honing, sealing, and polishing and for any types of natural stones. Experts can guarantee excellent results and full satisfaction with the quality of their services. Plus, they can also provide some tips for your day-to-day care and maintenance for your marble flooring.

The colonial floor care is here for you if you are facing some problems with your marble. We have been in this wonderful industry for over 20 years and still gaining good reputations and customers. We have the best team that can provide great customer services and high quality assistance for your marble flooring.

It is true that polishing your marble flooring could be a hard task for you to do especially if do not know to start and do the job. Nevertheless, you may consider to follow some steps if you do not want to hire professional marble polisher. But do not expect best outcome.

marble-cleaning-miami02 (26)

To begin with your do-it-yourself mold cleaning or polishing, prepare your marble floor. Choose the softest rug or better yet a dust mop so that the dusts or debris could easily remove. But if the dirt or stains are hard to eradicate, use medium-warm water when wiping the marble. You can add some scoop of baking soda so that the stains can be removed easily. Never scrape the stain on the marble or scratch it with something because it could certainly damage the shiny and smooth surface of the marble.

In case, you are so unsure with cleaning your marble floors, just contact the professionals.

Miami Marble Polishing Service

Floors that are made from marble is really a treasure for many house owners. They choose these materials on their floors and other surface areas because of the classy, style and look it can provide. Thus, a lot of house owner are really taking care of the marble flooring. As a matter of fact, marble flooring is now well-known in many homes and folks.

In case you are thinking of getting marble flooring for your home, subsequently you must have to consider few things when it comes to polishing it and almost everybody in the world knows the challenges in taking care of marble flooring.

Marble is a type of stone which is generally a softer stone. They also come in different colors that bring something different in regards to their appearance and characteristics. There are hard marbles when compared to others. One thing in common, when scratched, it will lose its shine and luster. Hence maintain it is important.

For you marble flooring, countertops, walls and other areas in your home that has been etched, you need to polish them right away. In repairing some marble flooring, you might need to seek professional assistance by simply calling a local Marble Polishing Miami company. The local experts can repair and bring back the glossy, class and elegance of your marble flooring. Aside from marble flooring, most experts can also provide professional polishing services to granite, saturnia, limestone as well as travertine. Marble with matte needs the most appropriate way of maintenance. Moreover, as much as possible, it needs professional treatment.

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Most professional company today truly offers high quality marble flooring polishing services. Experts are fully instructed when it comes to cleaning your marble flooring. They also provide complete offer of marble flooring polishing products that can be used in cleaning marble for more beauty and elegance.

Marble has a very special characteristics. Hire the professionals who are with passion and word for their customer like you.

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For timeless beauty and shine, you can do day-to-day marble flooring maintenance such as waxing it and wiping it with clean cloth or a map. But, since the floor is also exposed to dust, dirt and possible scratches every day, you need to conduct much systematic and higher level approach of marble flooring care.

For everyday marble floor care, simply use baking soda mixed into a pale of water and use a soft cloth to wipe the marble floor. Keep on using water to rinse the marble floor. Let the air dry the marble for an hour.

Marble Floor Care Miami

Floors that are made with marble is such a treasure by many house owner. They are very precious and elegant for the eyes of every human. However, cleaning them is another job for you. Polishing your marble flooring needs to be done properly. In fact, there are different products of marble cleaning solution that can be purchased on the market. You can actually use them but make sure that they have the right pH level for the marble. Do-it-yourself marble cleaning is always possible nowadays.

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The ravishing appearance of the marble floors in your home can actually be a challenge for you. Whether it is marble floors in the kitchen, dining and living area, one cannot maintain the class of the marble if he or she doesn’t understand the properties of the superb stone. Though the characteristics may be durable, the outer area of the marble can be soft and porous. Marble is an alkaline-based stone and it is actually made up of calcite and calcium. In case you prefer to polish the marble floors with the use of some cleaner product, be sure to read and understand first its ingredients and the labels. Plus, also ensure that the chemical content of the product is safe for the marbles in your home.

Simple Ways to Keep your Marble Floor Tile Sparkling

1.  Simply wipe the marble floor with clean cloth. Sweep the dust on the floor every day. Believe it or not, small dirt or girt on the marble floors could possibly scratch its outer surface.

2.  Clean the marble floor. You can prepare a dish washing soap diluted in a warm water. Use a sponge for the Marble Cleaning Miami surface areas. Another option is to buy a marble polisher solution. Also, do not forget to check the pH level of the product. In case, an acid-base liquid scattered on the marble floor, make sure to clean it immediately. An example of an acid-based liquid is vinegar, lemon and orange extract which are bad for the marble.

3.  Rinse the marble floors with clean water. Use another clean, soft cloth or rug to dry the marble floors.

4.  You can apply marble floor polish solution for final. A wax which is highly developed for the maintenance or glossy shine of the marble is good to use. Just apply an ample amount. Too much spreading of wax is also not good for the marble floors. It is also good for your marble floors to be cleaned weekly to protect the marble for any small scratches.

Marble Care Tips in Miami

Marble floors are stunning. These kinds of stones are so beautiful for your house aside from it can add value to your property. But, taking care and managing the marbles is not an easy task. It is certainly a serious responsibility for many house owners. Marbles are long lasting and they can be used in your kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms in your home. This type of stone is actually embodied with natural content of calcium carbonate as well as calcite. For a thorough Marble Restoration, you need to seek professional services from the best marble restoration companies. Cleaning the marbles in every single day can surely help in making the marble more pristine and beautiful each day.

marble-cleaning-miami02 (25) marble-cleaning-miami02 (24) marble-cleaning-miami02 (13) marble-cleaning-miami02 (12)

Nevertheless, you cannot deny the fact that marble could actually be looked so dull in no time even though you practice efforts of cleaning them. Actually, it is a fact that regularly or over cleaning the marble can also result to dull-shine. But the good news is that, all your problems when it comes to marble can be solved. You may call or contact a professional Marble Polishing company for tips, suggestions and services.

The moment your marble flooring becomes dull and unattractive. It evidently lacks its natural shone and luster. In this case, the marble certainly needs a replenishment treatment to bring back its original shine.

Such marble stone is permeable. Thus it can be stained easily and stained even with a few drops of acid. Therefore, avoid sitting or placing some beverages straight on the marble top since they can surely leave rings and traces. Fruits juices are an example of acid liquid. Once dropped on the marble top, it can remove shiny surface on marble. If happened, wipe the marble right away using a clean and wet cloth. If the marble top was etched, immediate polishing is highly needed.

Natural stone such as the marble is incredibly porous. Hence, the most incredible way to avoid any stains or discolorations is to treat the marble top with any protective sealer product. Such product will fill in to the pores thus hold off any spill over, allowing you to clean, dry or erase any sort of stain. You can mop the marble floor but use only a soft dust mop.

You can hire and let the professional marble polishers to make your marble shiny, classy and elegant. Basically, you may also purchase the best and most recommendable products in the market. You could certainly find several products which are highly formulated in enhancing and protecting your marble floorings and tops.

Marble Floor Restoration Miami

Restoring Marble

Marble is a natural stone which is typically formed from high pressure of heat. This kind of stone were actually chosen by many house owners in designing walls, floors and countertops. It has many colors and also available in different sizes. They are amazingly perfect in designing countertops. Marbles really add beauty to countertops and on any part of home. Aside from that, house owners can choose from different colors and types. It is durable and could even resits heat hence really ideal for the countertops or in the kitchen. But having marbles at home, they need regular maintenance. Aside from regular cleaning, sometimes marbles need professional assistance especially when they are dull.

However, restoring marbles at home can be done by simply following the steps below.

1.  To remove stains from liquid spills such as coffee, tea, juices and others, treat the area with one quart of hydrogen peroxide with three to four drops of ammonia. Gently scrub the marble tiles. Use a clean soft cloth in wiping the marble surfaces.

2.  Add an ample amount of mild and gentle dish detergent into a gallon of warm water. Dampen a brush to the solution and gradually wipe the marble entire surfaces. You will notice that the oils or other spills will be removed naturally.

3.  Choose a good cleaning product for marble. Do not use any acidic product. Avoid using vinegar I cleaning marble because it is too harmful for the marble stones. Acid may only cause serious damages on the marble. You can go to a professional company and seek advices from the experts before purchasing any product. Keep in mind that not all types of marbles can be treated the same way. Determining the natural characteristics of the marble is very important prior to a successful marble floor restoration.

4.  Buffing the floor can help restore the top-shine of the marble. You can use a buffing machine or simply use baking soda or a crushed white chalk. In buffing machine, use a soft pad to avoid scratches. It is an electrical device so proper precaution is advisable. On the other hand, if you do not have a buffing machine, simply crushed a white chalk and mix it with tin oxide. In doing so, make sure that you are wearing hand gloves for your safety and protection.

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5.  Hiring the professionals is the best option especially if the marbles are having severe damages. There are problems or damages that has to be handled by the professionals and not by your hand such as cracks or missing pieces of the marbles. The experts will save your marbles from getting dull and broken.