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Marble Floor Maintenance Miami

How to Maintain Marble

Marbles are natural stone with breath-taking features. In fact, they can add beauty and lot of value to anyone’s home. But, this kind of natural stone is hard to maintain. You need to fully understand the complexities of the stones in your home before treating them. Wrong treatment and cleaning methods could only pose to severe damages. Marbles can be installed on any part of your home such as kitchen, bathroom, and countertops and on floors. Marbles are porous thus they are naturally made up of calcium carbonate and calcite. Marbles are prone to scratches and stains. You can contact and hire some professionals to treat dull marbles at home but you can also do routine care and polishing without spending much dollars. Generally, in order to keep marbles clean and beautiful, simply clean them and polish with a good solution. Through these simple techniques, you can keep the marbles looking at their best.

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To start cleaning dull marbles at home, first sweep it or vacuum the floor. Next, simply wash the marbles with any mild marble cleaner solution. You can also use a dishwashing liquid mixed with some parts of water. But be sure to choose a non-toxic and non-acid cleaner. Moreover, using vinegar as cleaning solution for marbles is also harmful. Do not use vinegar in cleaning dull marbles. In case, there’s liquid spills on marble surfaces, simply wipe it immediately with the use of clean and soft cloth. Air dry is not actually advisable because water spots may occur on the marble surfaces. Lastly, apply some marble polishing product to give extra shine and lust on the marble. Keep in mind that whatever happens, marble polishing is very important to bring back the natural shine of marbles at home. This is the only way to keep marbles looking great.

On the other hand, if cleaning and polishing the marbles are too difficult for you to handle, then consider contacting a professional marble restoration company. Aside from professional marble cleaning, the experts can also provide excellent services of marble repair for totally damaged stones. Once you have talked to a company, they will immediately set up meetings on your house. The professionals have the right tools and equipment in performing the job. To find and locate the nearest professional marble restoration company in your place, you can check the internet and search for them.

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To see if there is a marble cleaning service near you, a quick internet search or call the place where you bought the marble flooring. Deal with your dull marbles as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems. If you did not pay attention to care for marbles, permanent damages is not impossible to happen. It is true that repairing dull marbles is expensive, so therefore take care of the marbles properly and you will not have to spend lots of money for professional services. Clean and polish the marbles properly and the marbles in your home will surely last for long time.