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Marble Floor Refinishing

With three young kids and two grown dogs inside the house, life can be crazy sometimes, especially on our marble floors. When we purchased our home, the marble floors were lustrous and pristine. After a year, the floors barely resembled the marble it used to be. Because food and drinks were constantly being dropped and spilled to the floor, the shiny white marble is now stained. The claws of the dogs also scratch the surface whenever they run indoors. We knew it was time for marble floor refinishing, and Marble Polishing Miami was the company recommended to us by most of our friends. With their expertise and equipment, our floors looked beautiful once again after marble floor refinishing.

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Marble Resurfacing

I was lucky enough to buy a house that came with beautiful marble floors. I loved to show it off, so I frequently invited friends and family over. I loved to entertain too, so the house was always almost filled with people. Unfortunately, all those parties and dinners took its toll on the floors. The foot traffic and everyday wear resulted in indentations and scratches on the surface. I did not want my marble floors to be destroyed, so I sought the help of Marble Polishing Miami. That was the first time I learned about marble resurfacing. With state-of-the-art machinery, they performed the marble resurfacing. My floors looked so good after I could hardly believe it was the same thing!

Marble Resurfacing

Marble Resurfacing

Marble Resurfacing Services