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Marble Polishing, Bring Back the Shine

Polishing Marble to bring back the shine and beauty of your countertop, vanity or floor is just a phone call away.

Marble is a much-sought stone for interior design. The most common uses of marble are in counter tops as well as flooring. While marble might look very radiant in these uses, the beauty of the stone will vanish if the owner does not take proper care of the surface. Daily cleaning and yearly marble polishing and prevention of accidents are the best ways to preserve the quality of marble.

Marble polishing is a relatively easy process on this soft stone. As a result, it removes etches and scratches quickly. Any liquid that is acidic, will surely etch the marble. This is where Colonial Floor and Stone Care can bring in polishing equipment that experienced technicians used to hone down the surface to take all etching away and the use our proprietary method of marble polishing to bring back the brilliant shine. In addition, bathroom marble can also become dull, etch the stone, and also discolor it, leaving the need for marble polishing to bring the bathroom marble back to new. Despite being a stone, these surfaces can still become etched and dull needing marble polishing to renew your counter top or flooring.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent long-term damage to your marble flooring or counter top is by preventing the buildup of any kind of damaging substances. Always clean up all spills and keep everything on plastic mats to avoid the spills in the first place. In this way, your marble floors and counter tops will maintain their shine for many years to come.

Colonial Floor and Stone Care is the professional marble polisher to polish your marble counter top or flooring. We are the experts that can help you with all your natural stone care needs. From marble to granite polishing, flooring or counter tops, let us come and give you a free estimate to your home in Miami / Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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