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Ancient History of Marble

The old historical monuments that we see today are created using natural stones that are the result of several layers of deposition of stones under the earth’s pressure. These natural stones were used as material for a three dimensional art creations that gives a magnificent look to any architecture.

Familiarizing yourself with Marble:

Marble being a natural stone has marked its use in ancient civilization because of its long lasting and ravish look. Pure white marble is the result of limestone deposition under changed climatic conditions.

sculpture in marbleEarlier sculptures used only white marbles, since it was believed to be pure but after some time, the beauty of colored marbles were recognized and their use made sculptures livelier. Marble, when subjected to extreme polishing processes, produces a smooth surface used in flooring. Impure marble i.e. colored marble is a result of quarry method subjected to marble along with other elements such as iron. Colored marbles mostly come with stripes, which the impurity is making the marble look trendier. You can find white marble lavishly in several countries such as Italy, India and Greece.

Greeks are known for their advanced civilization. Many Greek sculptures and buildings have used marblesddmk39xs_236htmhncgp_binnovatively. Ancient sculpture made using marbles still stand erect. Elegant statues with great carving works have used marbles.

Parthenon which is the temple built around 438 b.c. in Athens used marble and is considered as the finest world sculpture. 2500-year-old sculpture that faced earthquakes, rains and fire got ruined by other kings who tried to capture Greece. One twenty seven marble blocks and each with a height of five-floor building were used to construct a temple that was named Artemis. It was the first huge structure made of marble.Greece started using marble for construction of bathing rooms, spa, and pools. Romans used marble as decorative piece of work along with granite. They considered marble is a beautiful stone and had to be used wisely, as they serve the purpose beauty. Romans used granite and bricks for constructing buildings and marbles for lining them with decorative designs.

The beginning of 14th century marked golden period in the field of artwork. Artists started using marble in their artistic sculptures. There were new ideas for using marble in different ways with new and better quarry methods. Carvings on newly quarried marbles that became more durable with time came in practice. Walls of buildings decorated with flowery designs and innovative style was adapted.

Ancient America remarked the use of marble in fireplace. Fireplace was a place used for heating and cooking. Fire mantel designs with decorative ornate marble came into use during 1800.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of calcium carbonate. Solidification of metamorphic rock with changing pressure results in formation of pure marble. The word Marble is derived Greek word ‘marmaros’ that means shining stone

Pentelicus is the type of historic marble that comes from Greece. Italy is famous for its Carrara marbles and Turkey for its Proconnesus Marble. Ancient History of Marble reveals that marble also has place in mythology. It is a symbol of Zodiac sign Gemini and indicates eternity and success in knowledge.

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