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Marble and other Natural Stone Materials in Buildings Around the US

I was just up to Western New York and Pennsylvania to visit my family and friends. And as I was in my cousin’s Grandmothers house, which looks the same has it has for 40 years or longer, I happened to look down at the floor I remember playing on as a child, my eyes caught the pattern of the very old linoleum that had been there for decades. I smiled at my cousin and said “this is patterned after Terrazzo.” She laughed and said “this is linoleum. OLD linoleum at that!” To my amazement I had seen this floor for years and it has only been since I became friends with the owner of Colonial Floor Care; a Terrazzo, Marble, Granite and other stone Restoration Company in South Florida, that I became familiar with this gorgeous type of flooring. I explained to her what cleaning, polishing and restoration was and how it was done.

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Exotic Marble

Landscape_marble_skylineLandscape Marble

Welcome to Colonial Floor Care’s Marble Cleaning blog! We are South Florida’s floor care experts!

We were looking through our files to show you great examples of different kinds of marble and granite surfaces to demonstrate the work of our floor care experts, and in addition to those, we came across this magnificent example of what is called Breccia or “landscape” marble. This image, which clearly resembles a city skyline or even trees, are actually natural patterns created when this marble is formed. This marble was once commonly used as inlays for furniture and other decorative pieces.
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Marble Through the Ages

180px-WenuszmfAccording to Wikipedia, marble began as an architectural feature chiefly in ancient Greece and late in Rome. It was chosen as an architectural and artistic medium because of its durability, the ease with which it could be carved/manipulated and because of its ethereal beauty owing to its translucent appearance- this was achieved with the more pure white marbles such as are often seen in ancient Greek sand Roman Sculpture.

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Marble Polishing 305-731-2242

Marble Polishing

Southern Florida is one of the area’s that use Marble tile for show case floors that shine to a mirror like finish.! Marble and other stone materials like Granit, Terrazzo and even polished and stained concrete; are being used in new construction to bring higher value and beauty to a new home. However these materials have also been used for centuries!

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Marble Polishing, Keeping your Surface Shine and Durability

If you are lucky enough to have Marble or Granite for your counter top or floors, Congratulations! This type of stone surface, like Terrazzo, not only brings added beauty to your home, it also increases worth to your investment. Marble and other stone surfaces are also Eco friendly material which does not emit VOC’s. Marble has been used for centuries as a medium for building and Sculpure. It has survived the centuries in Greece, Rome and other cities where these stone were used extensively. However, this material is soft and porous and is easily scratched from foot traffic. If not sealed properly when first installed the life of this surface will be shortened considerably.

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