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Marble Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Home Remedies for Cleaning Marble

Marble is a natural stone which is widely used in designing some parts of house such as countertops, tables, sinks and floors. This kind of stone is not just beautiful and pleasing, but with some proper care and maintenance it can last for many generations. Marble is a special stone that sometimes need special cleaning techniques too, especially if there are serious damages on it. Not all the time, you will need to use a special cleaning solution to treat marbles at home. Hiring the professionals become important when you think that do-it-yourself marble cleaning kit seems not enough anymore. On the other hand, still it is very important for the house owners like you to have complete materials and cleaning solutions inside your cleaning cabinet.

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The Do’s

Fill up an empty bucket with water and an ample amount of soap. Just choose a mild and gentle liquid soap for cleaning your marble. To start cleaning, use a sponge or perhaps a soft mop. Dip it to the soap water solution and wring it out gradually. Start cleaning the marble by wiping the stains. For tough stains like food stains, tomato and oil stains, you can add small amount of hydrogen peroxide to your sponge. Afterwards, wipe the marble surface and make use of a soft cloth like a terrycloth towel to dry. This technique is better than air-drying.

Baking soda is also a good alternative, actually several house owners are using this natural ingredient when cleaning marbles at home. According to the professionals, baking soda is safe on marble. To prepare, simply mix at least three tablespoons of baking soda and mixed it to a quart of warm water. With the use of a rag or sponge, wipe the stains on the marble using baking soda solution. Rinse with clean water and dry with a cloth. Buff the marble floor.

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The Don’ts

Vinegar is actually one of the most popular home cleaning solutions, actually many house owners are using this ingredient for cleaning purposes. Acid is a strong chemical which is too harmful for the marble. Using such acidic cleaning solution, the type of chemical will slowly eat the minerals and other component of the marbles.

Last but not the least, be very careful with what you are going to use on your marble tops and on floors. In case, you are not so sure on how to treat dull marbles in your home, it is best to contact the professionals and let them give you the services you need.

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Cleaning and Care Marble Miami

Cleaning and Care Tips for Marbles

Marble is a natural stone and it has a very beautiful look. It comes in different colors, sizes and even shapes. Although, this kind of stone is durable, it still has to be maintained by means of proper procedure. You need to clean, polish or sometimes restore them to continue to look beautiful in years to come. These beautiful stones are porous meaning they are too sensitive. In this case, marble is prone to staining as well as scratching. That is why these stone should be clean properly.

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If you have marbles at home, it is advisable to use coasters under the glasses, hot pans and etc. do not place these materials directly on the marble surface. It is true that any material or item can scratch the marble surface. In addition to that, protect your marbles from liquid spills. There are some foods and beverages that can damaged the marble surface especially that contain acid. As much as possible, do not expose your marbles with vinegar, juices, coffee, teas or soda.

Dirty marbles should be clean right away. However, wrong cleaning procedures could pose to damages. Cleaning job itself can be a hazard to marbles because of the materials you are going to use. Example, the vacuum. When you use a wrong or rough pad, it can only damage the marbles severely. You can dust mop the marble but make sure to use a clean and a very soft dust mop.

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Basically, you can use a good cleaner product in polishing dull marbles but if in case it is ot available, there are three standard cleaners according to the professionals. These are the natural soap for the stone, small amount of mild liquid dishwashing soap and a neutral cleaner. Marble cleaners should be at least pH level of 7.

Since marbles can be damaged to acid, do not use vinegar as your cleaning agent to marble. Use a soft cloth or a sponge and not a scouring pad. Experts say that it is a good idea to test the cleaner first before you apply it directly to the marble. To test, simply put a small amount of the cleaner on a scrap marble. In rinsing cleaner solution, use lukewarm water and rinse it thoroughly. Get rid of the residue when you have finish marble polishing job. Ammonia mixed with some parts of water can be a solution however too much ammonia can dull the surface of the natural stone.


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Removing Etches From Marble Miami

Removing Etches From Marble

Marbles are beautiful stone because they add something different to a home. However, they can easily be damaged even by stepping on them. According to the professionals, more marbles are damaged due to spill of some liquids on the surface areas. Any form of liquid that spills on the marble tops can result to discolorations, stains and even permanent damage to the marble. Marbles are prone to the acidic chemical reaction. Normally, it is because of the accidental spills that can possibly happen every day such as coffee, juices and teas. Yes of course, some simple spills can be easily clean by just wiping them off. There are some products which are ready to use for cleaning marble tiles and floors. On the other hand, the longer you leave etches unattended, then it could eventually result to further serious damage or even permanent damage.

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Lemon juice, vinegar, coffee, wine and other liquids with high content level of acid can cause damages to the marble. They will certainly etch the surfaces of the marbles right after the spills. Etches appear like a small or large dots on the marble. But keep in mind that there are etches that are hard to remove thus it needs special techniques. Etches can be classified into three categories, it can be minor, moderate and severe.

In case you notice some marks or imperfections on your marble floors, here are some helpful tips for you in order to remove etches on marble.


1.   Make sure that the top of the marble is clean and there are not form of dirt or dust. Use a damp sponge to clean the marble tops and then wait for some minutes to dry.

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2.   Put an ample amount of marble polishing powder directly where etches are found. This is to lightly cover the damages. You can get a good and high quality marble polishing powder via online or in any local home improvement stores.

3.   Gently rub the powder all over the marbles. Dampen a clean soft cloth and wipe it to remove etches. A technique is to wipe etches opposite for example, etch is vertical then wiping should be done in horizontal motion. Keep this step until you notice that the etching is fading, wait until it is no longer visible thus the marble is already shiny.

The instructions mentioned above are recommended to treat etched marbles. But, when the marbles in your home are too dull and severely damaged, seeking the professionals are advisable this time.

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Marble Floor Restoration Miami

Restoring Marble

Marble is a natural stone which is typically formed from high pressure of heat. This kind of stone were actually chosen by many house owners in designing walls, floors and countertops. It has many colors and also available in different sizes. They are amazingly perfect in designing countertops. Marbles really add beauty to countertops and on any part of home. Aside from that, house owners can choose from different colors and types. It is durable and could even resits heat hence really ideal for the countertops or in the kitchen. But having marbles at home, they need regular maintenance. Aside from regular cleaning, sometimes marbles need professional assistance especially when they are dull.

However, restoring marbles at home can be done by simply following the steps below.

1.  To remove stains from liquid spills such as coffee, tea, juices and others, treat the area with one quart of hydrogen peroxide with three to four drops of ammonia. Gently scrub the marble tiles. Use a clean soft cloth in wiping the marble surfaces.

2.  Add an ample amount of mild and gentle dish detergent into a gallon of warm water. Dampen a brush to the solution and gradually wipe the marble entire surfaces. You will notice that the oils or other spills will be removed naturally.

3.  Choose a good cleaning product for marble. Do not use any acidic product. Avoid using vinegar I cleaning marble because it is too harmful for the marble stones. Acid may only cause serious damages on the marble. You can go to a professional company and seek advices from the experts before purchasing any product. Keep in mind that not all types of marbles can be treated the same way. Determining the natural characteristics of the marble is very important prior to a successful marble floor restoration.

4.  Buffing the floor can help restore the top-shine of the marble. You can use a buffing machine or simply use baking soda or a crushed white chalk. In buffing machine, use a soft pad to avoid scratches. It is an electrical device so proper precaution is advisable. On the other hand, if you do not have a buffing machine, simply crushed a white chalk and mix it with tin oxide. In doing so, make sure that you are wearing hand gloves for your safety and protection.

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5.  Hiring the professionals is the best option especially if the marbles are having severe damages. There are problems or damages that has to be handled by the professionals and not by your hand such as cracks or missing pieces of the marbles. The experts will save your marbles from getting dull and broken.

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Marble Floor Cleaning Miami

Why Hire the Marble Cleaning Professionals?

Trying to restore dull and stained marbles at home is definitely a serious job. You have to put time and effort in order to be successful in this task. Today, it is true that a lot of property owners are having difficulties on how to make their marbles look beautiful and stunning again. Indeed, marble floor cleaning is a difficult and tiring job for many people. But, you can simply treat the marbles by means of a product that can be bought in the market. There are numerous products which are ideal for marble cleaning job but keep in mind that not all product that says marble friendly is not always suitable for your marbles at home. Every type of marble has a special characteristics; meaning each marble type is far different from each other. Therefore, it is very important to determine first the type of marbles installed in your home before using a product to treat them or else it would only cause to serious damages and even permanent damages. On the other hand, if you are facing big marble problems, hiring the professional is always the best option. Expert cleaners use proper tools and equipment for the job. As much as possible, hire a company with years of experience in marble restoration service. Why hire the professionals?

1.  Convenience – allowing the experts to complete the job saves your precious time and effort. For many this is the main reason why would they hire the professionals rather than conducting the job alone. Aside from it, you are guarantee to experience positive result with complete satisfaction. Finding them isn’t hard. You can search online, call them via their hotlines or better yet visit them personally to their company branches. Make an appointment with them. Expect the professionals in your home within 24 hours or so.

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2.   Professional Cleaning Procedure – expect full and excellent service from start to finish. It something worth paying for. The methods they are going to do is far different from the usual do-it-yourself procedure. Their tolls and equipment were all high-technology.

3.   Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed – no worries with the quality of work they offer. You may visit their website online and read comments and testimonials of their previous customers. Videos of their work can also be seen online, at least you will have an idea on how their job goes on. Hiring the professionals will always provide you full confidence that your dull marbles at home will shine again at its most spark. Plus, the good result of their work will last for a long period of time.

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Hiring the professionals is very important especially when the marbles are too damaged and stained. For the owners, it is not the money they are going to spend but it is the treasure and enjoyment after hiring the professionals.

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Marble Floor Maintenance Miami

How to Maintain Marble

Marbles are natural stone with breath-taking features. In fact, they can add beauty and lot of value to anyone’s home. But, this kind of natural stone is hard to maintain. You need to fully understand the complexities of the stones in your home before treating them. Wrong treatment and cleaning methods could only pose to severe damages. Marbles can be installed on any part of your home such as kitchen, bathroom, and countertops and on floors. Marbles are porous thus they are naturally made up of calcium carbonate and calcite. Marbles are prone to scratches and stains. You can contact and hire some professionals to treat dull marbles at home but you can also do routine care and polishing without spending much dollars. Generally, in order to keep marbles clean and beautiful, simply clean them and polish with a good solution. Through these simple techniques, you can keep the marbles looking at their best.

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To start cleaning dull marbles at home, first sweep it or vacuum the floor. Next, simply wash the marbles with any mild marble cleaner solution. You can also use a dishwashing liquid mixed with some parts of water. But be sure to choose a non-toxic and non-acid cleaner. Moreover, using vinegar as cleaning solution for marbles is also harmful. Do not use vinegar in cleaning dull marbles. In case, there’s liquid spills on marble surfaces, simply wipe it immediately with the use of clean and soft cloth. Air dry is not actually advisable because water spots may occur on the marble surfaces. Lastly, apply some marble polishing product to give extra shine and lust on the marble. Keep in mind that whatever happens, marble polishing is very important to bring back the natural shine of marbles at home. This is the only way to keep marbles looking great.

On the other hand, if cleaning and polishing the marbles are too difficult for you to handle, then consider contacting a professional marble restoration company. Aside from professional marble cleaning, the experts can also provide excellent services of marble repair for totally damaged stones. Once you have talked to a company, they will immediately set up meetings on your house. The professionals have the right tools and equipment in performing the job. To find and locate the nearest professional marble restoration company in your place, you can check the internet and search for them.

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To see if there is a marble cleaning service near you, a quick internet search or call the place where you bought the marble flooring. Deal with your dull marbles as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems. If you did not pay attention to care for marbles, permanent damages is not impossible to happen. It is true that repairing dull marbles is expensive, so therefore take care of the marbles properly and you will not have to spend lots of money for professional services. Clean and polish the marbles properly and the marbles in your home will surely last for long time.